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Hot Water Bottle Classic Hugo -Half Ribbed- Red

Our original, classic hot water bottle. This signature bottle is perfect for a wide array of uses, from aiding menstrual cramps, to soothing back pain, to relieving muscle tension. Pop your bottle in your bed before you rest for the night to warm up your bed and improve your quality of sleep, or snuggle up on the sofa with your bottle and good book to help you unwind.

No cover, half ribbed on the front.

- Manufactured according to the British Standard BS 1970: 2012

- 100 % Co2-neutral production

W 7.8" x L 13" x H 1.9"

60 fl oz


• Natural pain relief
• Comfort and relaxation
• Menstrual cramp treatment
• Improve sleep quality
• Muscle tension soothing and treatment
• Stress and anxiety relief
• Portable warmth for camping, fishing and other outdoor activities
• Pre warming the bed

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